iSolar 40 Watts Solar Panel Battery Charger Kit


Model: MIC-40W


Product Features

  • Great for In-Outdoor activities, Camping, Emergency & Rescue, Education, Home, Park, or Recreation Applications.
  • 40 W foldable Solar Panel, comes with 12V x 8Ah lithium rechargeable battery, and accessories in a compact packing box.
  • Equipped with new quick charging MPPT controller that increases power efficiency up to 90%.
  • It takes 4 - 5 hrs to fully charge the 12V x 8Ah lithium battery, which has an inverter output as well as a USB port for bus powered devices and any other devices
  • 1 Year Warranty



  • iSolars 40W folds down to only 30 x 25 cm and come with a 12V x 8 Ah lithium battery that will power a laptop computer for up to 2 hours. It works with iPhone and Macbook.
  • Maximum Power Point Tracking Quick-charging MPPT Controller, which tracks variations in the current and voltage produced by the solar panel and ensures a maximum charge rate for the battery. Other standard accessories include a cigarette lighter plug, DC to AC inverter and clamps for charging car batteries.
  • Solar Panels used are made by SunTech, world's number one panel manufacturer.
  • For a cellular phone with power consumption of 2W, you may use it for 40 hours.
  • For AC-DC power adaptor, it comes with 110V as default for USA

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